What we do

What We Do

Competitive Insights Inc. is a professional security management consulting firm which helps public and private sector organizations become security smart in protecting their employees, assets and information.
Incorporated in 1998, Competitive Insights Inc. specializes in helping organizations develop, manage and improve the security, risk and business continuity aspects of their corporate security program.

Our main lines of business are:

Threat and Risk Assessments — the determination of threats, assessment of risk, formulation and implementation of risk management strategies

Security Reviews — the review, audit, and assessment of security program governance structures, program components and management frameworks

Crisis, Emergency Management and Business Continuity Planning — the establishment of governance structures, conduct of impact and vulnerability assessments, formulation of teams and the development of plans to ensure you are prepared to manage the unexpected

Training — providing you and your team with the tools to maintain your security programs and to continue to develop strategies and procedures for the future.

Competitive Insights provides:

• Security solutions tailored to your business needs
• Balanced, cost effective and practical solutions to help make you ‘Security Smart’
• Dedicated and committed professionals with years of experience in security, risk management and business continuity planning
• Leading edge advice on best practices and lesson learned
• A highly skilled team of over 50 security consultants who will take the time to understand your culture, your issues and your needs
• A proven track record of success managing complicated, complex and numerous projects at one time

Since its inception, Competitive Insights Inc. has successfully carried out numerous concurrent consulting assignments (TRAs, Security Reviews and Audits, Business Continuity and Emergency Management, etc.) for a wide variety of federal government and private sector clients. As our work has focused extensively, but not exclusively, on the federal public sector, all of our security related work has followed the Government Security Policy and standards.

In partnership with CAE, George Brown College, Emergency Preparedness Consultants and Magellan Engineering, Competitive Insights is a designated Vendor of Record (VOR-076110) for Ontario’s Ministry of Government and Consumer Services,offering services in threat and risk assessment, security plans and physical security training.

Since October 2006, Competitive Insights has provided base building infrastructure threat and risk assessments for government-managed buildings in the National Capital area on a Standing Offer basis with Public Works and Government Services Canada.