With the ever-changing threat environment, there is a need to ensure that those responsible for an organizationís Corporate Security Program have the right tools to effectively and efficiently address security issues. This is especially true for those charged with looking after security related issues who have had little to no training.
To close the gaps in knowledge, we have developed security training workshops on specific topics of interest. Our instructors bring a wealth of skill and experience to these learning opportunities.

Robert Sparkes

Robert Sparkes is a Senior Associate (Technical Specialist) of Competitive Insights and joins the firms after a distinguished career in the RCMP. He has undertaken and delivered courses on explosives detection and explosives disposal training and major project operation security planning as a member of the staff of the Canadian PoliceCollege .

Gary Fisher

Gary Fisher is a Senior Associate (Technical Specialist) with Competitive Insights Inc. while with Competitive Insights and during his 36 year career with the RCMP, he has conducted over 300 Threat and Risk Assessments, including numerous highly-sensitive projects: DND sites (Ottawa, Halifax/Dartmouth, the Parliamentary and Judicial Precincts, CNSC and AECL sites; facilities designated vital to national security under the Federal Vital Points Program; RCMP buildings, Canadian High Commissions (New Delhi and Bonn); and Ottawa-based foreign Embassies and High Commissions.

Paul Butler

Paul Butler is a Principal of Competitive Insights and President of Magellan Engineering. He is an accredited United Nations Weapons of Mass Destruction (WWD) Inspector. Paul has been at the forefront of risk mitigation practices for Oil and Gas Operations both in Canada and internationally for many years.