Risk Assessments

Threat & Risk Assessments (TRAs)

A TRA examines what an organization has to protect, what it needs to be protected from, what measures are icurrently in place to reduce possible threats, and what needs to be done to address vulnerabilities.
For most organizations there are four things to protect or do:
1. Personnel and in some cases family members;
2. Information both electronic and files;
3. Assets facilities; and
4. Ensuring your personnel are who they say they are.
There are a number of types of TRAs. For example, there is a specific TRA to examine the facility in which you are located. This is a Base Building Infrastructure-Threat & Risk Assessment (BBI-TRA). Another type of TRA a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive (CBRNE) TRA -examines malicious acts. And finally there is a full TRA which looks at all the security elements of an organization.
Competitive Insights has conducted numerous TRAs, including Base Building Infrastructure TRAS, for a wide range of federal government departments across Canada. In fact, Competitive Insights Inc scored first on five PWGSC Master Standing Offers to conduct BBI-TRAs for the federal government. In addition, we have completed departmental and national TRAs, Chemical Biological Nuclear Radiological (Explosive) TRAs, TRAs for the privacy sector, National Defense installations, and nursing and treatment stations located on First Nations reserves to name only a few.